The Emperor's Old Clothes

Welcome to Lostorum
SteamPunk HERO - Steam and Steel in a Primordial World


Welcome to Lostorum, a primordial world of magic and technology.

Caught in the midst of a burgeoning industrial revolution, the cultures of Telos face a brewing war as ancient rivalries reignite. Locked in the ruins of the past lay the key to Ulohi’s former greatness, and the future hangs on who finds it first.

Secretive Guilds guard their knowledge – and profits – jealously, the world ruled more by wealthy industrialists than Kings or Queens. The Commonalities of Oordmar, the first Democracy on Lostorum, is a shining beacon of hope, but casts long shadows.

It is here in the Commonalities that our story begins, with an ill-fated archaeological dig kicking off a chain of events that will again alter the course of History.

The stars and celestial bodies traverse the sky like the workings of a clock, predictable, efficient, and constant. Some men are bound to their fates, and can no more alter their destiny than daylight can hide from the Sun; the heavens turn, and they turn with them. Others… others turn, and the heavens follow.


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